Let’s call it what it really is…Gossip!  The question is why do we do it?

Is there such a thing as “good” gossip? To find the answer to this question, let’s first look at its meaning. It is defined as; “idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act is also known as dishing or tattling…where the title of tattle-telling came about for those of us who’ve used this term before…never was associated with a good experience. That doesn’t sound like the word  “gossip”  is related to ANYTHING good. The word comes from the Old English godsibb, godparents, from God + sibb?  “Relative”, extended in middle English to “any familiar acquaintance” So that means the ones doing the most s%#t talking about you are those that are family and friends…the ones closest to you? Be careful…(mid-14c) especially to women friends, but later to “ANYONE engaging in familiar or idle talk”…(1560’s)…damn, it just went unisex. Men are gossiping, ore than women these days. In short people, it is hurtful and harmful to everyone involved…my opinion, of course, When “some” people begin with good intentions to gossip like, support, uplift, encourage or just motivate another person…please  tell it to the person, because through a 3rd party 50% becomes B.S., 25% is twisted, 20% is add-on and 5% is true…generally the names of the people being spoken about, because for some damn reason the serpent’s tongue slides in and ruin great character…it’s GOSSIP! It’s its nature, whether haters, jealousy, envy, or want to be like it shatters. The only thing we can say to this now is “Hey, I found your nose, it’s all in my business!” Until next time…Be careful about what you say, or how you hear things because the next topic might be about you. Check out the gossip corner, leave a reply. With each Battlefield Of Angels, e-book purchase get your FREE special edition  Gossip Corner vol.1 download before the book releases. The Journey begins.

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