The Twisted Truth

I can remember sitting in my 4th grade elementary class waiting for the new teacher, Mrs. Lewis to arrive and all of the students were running around out of control. The door opened slowly and I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, the teacher wasn’t the only one that noticed the expression on my face as my mouth dropped open and I began to smile very big.  The kids began to laugh and for the next few days I had to listen to everything that I supposedly had said, but never did and the secrets of others that generally ended up with the words “I never said that.”  After hearing everything that was being said, one day Mrs. Lewis came into the class and said that we were going to play a new game that day called “Secret”. She explained the rules very clearly and that there would be two parts to this game.  She would begin by telling the student closest to her a secret and that student would then turn around and tell the next student behind them and so on. When the secret had finally reached the last student, he or she would then stand up and tell the class what the secret was. It started like this “Billy went and had his teeth cleaned today at the dentist by Mr. Green.”  By the time this secret made its way around the room, it ended like this: “Billy had his teeth cleaned today by a mean dentist who turned his teeth green.” AMAZING! I can say that I was a just little confused thinking there was a story I didn’t hear about. How could such a little secret like that get so twisted in such a small classroom? The only thing that made any sense to me years later as I listened to more and more stories about people and learned about gossiping is that somewhere along the line there was a “true” source of the story, and it had been “watered down” “tweaked” so to speak.  It had lost its truth in the mouths of others. Now as an adult when tempted to listen to the latest gossip about others, I know that only 10% to 20% of what is being said is true, 50% of the story is twisted and the remaining parts are all crap…add on to make it more interesting to its listeners. So, I have to read between the lines of these entertaining story to developed what I think may have really happened and be creative with my imagination of what possibly may have happened, and trust me, that’s a lot of work. Later I decided not to listen to the gossip of others because a lot of people out there were being hurt and ruined by the slippery tongues of other people… on a regular basis. And two, because many families are being divided, marriages ruined and reputations are being destroyed and because of what?  Other people can’t keep their tongues from whispering in the dark or simply can’t stay out of other people affairs?  So, here I’m back inside the crap I longed to escape for so many years listening to interesting tells, true stories by gathering information from the sources or be it the “eyewitnesses” of the fact and giving it my open opinions…as well as yours. So feel free to get involved and leave a comment and my advice to you out there so eager to talk about the lives of others, remember one thing… misery loves the company and the tempting tongue of gossip holds no loyalty to those dearest and near to them. That which people talk about behind the backs of others is only a reflection of what they see in the mirror of themselves in one form or another… this is very true. Be very careful about the things that you say and even more careful how you hear information, because everyone has skeletons in their closet and it is very easy to get caught in the fantasies of those that have nothing better to do but sit around and gossip about others…even you! I look forward to seeing you… I’m sorry. I look forward to hearing about you very soon. This is only my opinion of course.

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