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First Look sneak peek…True Story

“Things and situations don’t change…we change  situations and things by doing something” D.R.Tracy

”Alfonzo, please…!” Brenda yelled and screamed kicking in the bed as Alfonzo grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor. SLAM! “Oh God, no…!” She said in terror as she felt the hard jerk from the top of her head. Down the hall, he drug her as she struggled to release his hand from her hair.  “Alfonzo, please… you’re going to wake the kids.” “Alfonzo…!” She shouted with her eyes wide open from fear. She began to cry, but not for herself. It was the fear for her boys, five-year-old Brian and Adam, who just turned three.   “Please, Alfonzo… she murmured through the blood flowing over her lips and into her mouth. I’m sorry…please,  “Why did I ever marry you? You’re nothing and you’re good for nothing.  It was the third night that week Alfonzo had come home drunk and beaten her. The small framed 125 pound Brenda was no match for the 250 pound Alfonzo. Twice he’d stopped in the middle of dragging her and bent over punching her in the face with all his might. The blood dripped from her mouth and her nose as she moaned in pain.

The neighbor, Carina lay there in her bed listening to the screams and the cries coming from next door through the paper thin walls. She was afraid for her neighbor and her children as she clutched the blankets tightly with one hand and the other over her mouth so she wouldn’t cry out. The tears rolled down the sides of her face. “Not again. Lord, please help her. Don’t let him kill her this time.” Carina whispered trembling under the covers.

Brian sat on the floor holding his little brother as they looked downstairs at their mother lying in the broken glass not moving. “It’s okay, Adam. I think he’s gone.” Brian whispered. “We have to help mommy now, okay?” He said to Adam taking him by the hand and slowly going down the stairs.

She tried to listen for any sign of life coming from Brenda’s house by placing her ear close to the wall. “I hope she’s okay.” She whispered to herself tiptoeing toward the window again wiping her tears and running nose with the sleeves of her pajamas, she saw that the truck clearly out of sight. “My God, her babies…

“Are you okay?” Dorothy asked walking into Carina’s house. “Shhh…come on in.” Carina said peeking outside before closing the door. “What happened”. You sounded so upset.” Dorothy stated taking off her jacket. “Oh, my God Dorothy you should’ve heard that asshole beating on her. And the screaming.” Carina stated as they entered the kitchen. “What asshole and beating on who?”

“Look, Carina. Listen to me very carefully. That mess over there has nothing to do with you and it’s pretty serious. Getting involved may cause problems for you with this guy and his family and God knows who else.”It doesn’t matter what the hell is going on over there. She’s a human being and doesn’t deserve to be beaten like some animal and there are innocent children in that household, Dorothy. That son of bit… needs to be beaten and then maybe he’ll think twice about beating on a small woman.”

“Hello, Brenda. I’m David Brenner and this is my partner Eric Falkland from the “C.D.I.U. “Central Domestic Investigation Unit”. Are you alone?” David asked showing his badge. “There’s no need to be afraid, we’re here to help you and your children.”  He said composing himself as well. The tears returned, streaming down her cheeks as Brenda’s eyes looking upon the badge in his hand. David and Eric looked at one another and then back at Brenda.